Posts from Awesome Folks #32

Hello folks,

I'm keeping it very short this week as I'm currently on a train heading to a client's office for an in-person workshop, which makes a change from staring at a screen.

This week work friends seem to be a hot topic - with two posts about why they are important - a post about why 90s boy bands are like product management, and lots more.

Enjoy and happy Friday


People and Culture

By Lynda Gratton

By Jon Clifton

Organisations and Systems

By Yuji Yamada

By Dominica DeGrandis

Setting and measuring Goals

By Eira Hayward

By Vignaraj Gadvi

By Jeff Gothelf

By Lisa Mo Wagner

Tools and Approaches for Teams

By Matt Munson

By Jackie Colburn

By John Cutler

Other Things

By Pim de Morree

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