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This week I am travelling for the first time in ages, something I used to do regularly, yesterday alone involved 6 trains - how did I do this all the time? Today I'm speaking at Lean Agile Brighton, where I will talk about how we better embrace the power of multi-skilled people, which we all are, and makes a case for supporting the blurring of specialist lines. I'm looking forward to it and to hearing from the other speakers. If you will be there, come and say "Hi".

Enjoy this week's posts.

Happy Friday


People and culture

By Pim de Morree

By Evy Kuijpers, Joeri Hofmans, and Bart Wille

By Mathilde Collin

Organisations and systems

By Houda Boulahbel

By Julia Ferraioli

Setting and measuring goals

By Jeff Gothelf

By Thomás Sieczkowski

Tools and approaches for teams

By Ashley Whillans, Dave Feldman, and Damian Wisniewski

Other things

The first public course by my new venture is available to book now. A tangible introduction to agile and user-centred ways of working.

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