Posts from Awesome Folks #36

Hello, and happy Friday!

Following on from my recent talk at Lean Agile Brighton, I have summarised the narrative to share on my blog. The post called Why can't we all just get along? celebrates the overlaps between team members' skills and asks why can't we all leave our professional egos at the door and collaborate. It has resonated with many people on social networks, so I'm sharing it below too.

Enjoy it, along with these other posts from awesome folks.


People and Culture

By Emily Webber

By Anna Burgess Yang

By Jim Benson

By Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio

By Lara Hogan

Organisations and systems

By Louron Pratt

By Jason Yip

Setting and measuring goals

By Roman Pichler

By Nicole Dessain

Tools and approaches for teams

By Jackie Colburn

Upcoming useful things We have a few tickets left for our training course Introduction: transform your ways of working on Tuesday. Go to the website to learn more or reply to me.

CTO Craft conference Winter 2022 (online) early bird tickets finish this weekend. Grab yours now.

Seacon UK Conference (London and online) is on Monday, sadly I can no longer make it to speak as the trains won't be running, but it's a great lineup anyway.

Agile Liverpool, the first of my new meetup for people in Merseyside is next Thursday. If you are local, then sign up at the website.

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