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Hello, hello, hello,

This week, social and human connections have been at the top of my mind. And two things in particular.

1) Mastodon. Unless you've not been on social media recently, then you'll have no doubt been watching the unfolding drama of layoffs and attempted rehires, people sleeping in the office to get features shipped, then the immediate rolling back of those features, resignations of leaders, the hunt for monetisation and uncertainty of what verified might mean. I've been on Twitter since 2007 and am sad to see what's happening, but I am enjoying the atmosphere at Mastodon, which, for now, feels much more social (more like the early days of Twitter). I've dusted off my old account, and you can find me here if you want to say "hi".

2) Agile Liverpool We held the first of our new meetups last night. A bunch of people meeting in a pub and the first step to new connections and community. It is the first time I had hosted an in-person meetup since 2018 (when I started Agile in the Ether), and it was awesome to hang out. We had folk from government organisations, charities, marketing, consultancies and a football club; what a great mix. I'm looking forward to seeing where we go with it

Happy Friday and enjoy the links below


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