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Hello folks,

It's been a busy week, as everyone wants to get everything lined up and agreed upon before the festive period hits.

I have been spending a lot of my time running training workshops on communities of practice, an area I have been working, consulting and training in for around ten years; I love the chance to create the framework and conditions to bring people together so that they can spark ideas, grow skills, share knowledge and collaborate across organisational boundaries. If you also need help with this, drop me a line.

Enjoy this week's posts from Awesome folks, and happy Friday.


People and culture

By Melody Wilding

By Claudia Hammond

Organisations and systems

By Willy C. Shih

By Jason Yip

By Johanna Rothman

By Natalie Shaw

By Vishal Bhalla, Daniel Gandarilla, and Michael Watkins

Setting and measuring goals

By Jeff Gothelf

By Shubhi Nigam

Tools and approaches for teams

By Fabian Pfortmüller

Watching the Twitter story unfold

There is so much changing at Twitter HQ to keep up with. Here are some things I have seen so far this week on the best illustration of how not to run a company.

Twitter blue launched and then rolled back after multiple fake accounts got themselves blue ticks and impersonated real organisations and people. One sent a company's stock into chaos, and that company, amongst many others, has pulled their advertising revenue.

Musk has been firing people all over the place, including half of Twitter's staff, people responsible for security, the internal comms team, tons of essential engineers and contractors and using some unconventional methods, like over Twitter to do it.

After scenes of employees sleeping in the office to roll out new features, he sent everyone a choice over email; they had to commit to an "extremely hardcore" new Twitter with conditions like "working long hours at high intensity". Or take 3 months redundancy pay. This experiment has not paid off as he had hoped, as more people leave Twitter and take the pay.

I'm sure I've missed something; it's all been going too fast. If it's all too much, here's a fun quiz to do instead

The Simpsons character and the guy ruining Twitter often sound a lot alike.

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