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Hello and happy Thursday!

I'm sending the newsletter a day early this week as I will be offline for a few days.

I've been facilitating a lot again this week, and I have been reminded of the power of questioning structure and how this can help guide groups towards valuable outcomes.

It might be a symptom of so many online sessions, but it seems that quite a few people I have met over the last six months haven't experienced a well-structured workshop or discussion before.

Having a few guiding questions, interaction modes, and (flexible) timeboxes can turn a session from an open, meandering discussion towards a focus on outcomes and actions; these types of sessions can be so energising. This is true for agile habits (like standups, retrospectives and demos), community meet-ups, exploration or feedback.

If you are new to facilitation, try out a few guiding questions at your next session and let me know how it goes.

Please also drop me a little thumbs up if you find this newsletter helpful.

Enjoy this week's posts.


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Other things

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