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Hello and happy Friday,

It's December! I hope things are not too chilly where you are.

As we head into the festive season and the end of the year, it's a good time to reflect on what happened over the year, and 2022 has been an eventful time. I tend to use this time to look back over the year to remind myself what I have achieved and what changes have happened, both with work and in my personal life.

I don't bullet journal myself, but this format is appealing because it's so visual.

On another note, as the service I use to send this newsletter, Revue, is a Twitter company, I am on a slow search for an alternative; if you have any recommendations that are as nice and easy to use, please let me know.

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People and culture

By Joost Minnaar

By Lara Hogan

By Chris Wojcik

Organisations and systems

By Jason Yip

By Marc Abraham

Setting and measuring goals

By Jeff Patton

Tools and approaches for teams

By Ruchi Parchur

By Johanna Rothman

By Oskar Westerberg

Other things

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