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As a Brit, I feel it's my duty to comment on the weather; ooh, it is cold, isn't it? This week has seen me mostly hibernating, sourcing more thermal clothing and seeking ways to insulate the house better. Brrrr.

December isn't slowing down in the blogosphere, and I have more posts from Awesome folks, plus a few advent calendar treats. Next week, I will be collating my list of most shared bloggers, so keep an eye out for that.

happy Friday


People and culture

By Alixandra Barasch, Kaitlin Woolley, and Peggy J. Liu

By Ron Carucci and Luis Velasquez

By Andrew Brodsky and Mike Tolliver

Organisations and systems

By Mia Kolmodin

By Jason Yip

Setting and measuring goals

By Marcus Castenfors

Tools and approaches for teams

By Katrine Tjoelsen

By Johanna Rothman

By Jeff Gothelf

By Steve Dennis

By Superinnovators

Some Advent calendar roundups

Lean UXmas 2022 An advent calendar of the top articles from 2022's Agile & Lean UX News

The Dandy People Agile Advent Calendar An advent calendar full of illustrations of agile and lean concepts.

Awesomeness Advent calendarYou want to boost motivation in your team. Try this daily exercise.

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