Posts from Awesome Folks #42

Hello folks,

This is my last newsletter for the year before I take a break over the festive period. It's also the last newsletter I will publish on the Revue platform as it is shutting down in January, another Twitter casualty - this makes me sad; it's a lovely tool.

But I will be back in 2023 with a new look and more posts from Awesome Folks.

In the meantime, as well as the usual posts, as an end-of-year round-up, I have created a list of my 30 most shared bloggers; you can find those here

Have a great festive period!


People and Culture

By Ruchi

By Rob Cross, Michael Arena, Greg Pryor, Rebecca Hinds, and Tim Bowman

By Ari Weinzwe

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti

Organisations and systems

By Joost Minnaar

By Kari Kelly

By John Cutler

By Anna Shipman

Setting and measuring goals

By Chisa Nwabara

By Saikiran Chandha

By Anna Shipman

Tools and approaches for teams

By Mia Kolmodin

By Stephanie Ockerman

Other things

By Giles Turnbull

By Emily Webber

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