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Hello folks,

This is issue 100!! 🎉 I’ve shared 1119 links over those 100 issues; that’s a lot of posts from awesome folks. Keep them coming.

More good community things this week.

Sunday saw 1000s of motorbikes meet up in New Brighton for the annual charity Wirral Egg Run. Good vibes with a community spirit. If you want to see and hear what that was like, here’s some video footage.

Person in Pikacho costume riding down the street with oher motorbiker onlookers. In front of a green area.

Motorbike rider in a Pikachu costume at the Wirral Egg Run

On Monday, I am talking to the people in the Welsh digital public services network about Communities of Practice. And I’ve just announced the next Liverpool Digital People meetup, which will be all about ethical design and development. I’m really looking forward to both of these.

Enjoy this week’s posts, and happy Friday.


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