Posts from Awesome Folks #103

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Hello folks,

It’s been a busy week split between London and Merseyside, with workshops, trains, video calls, roadmaps, organisational models and overeating Percy Pigs (my go-to workshop sweets).

In between that, I have mostly been thinking about hybrid work and tinkering with animations ahead of my talk at Agile Manchester next month. If you want more of this Keynote animation magic and to learn more about this topic, then come along.

An animated slide showing: In a hybrid environment how do people share information, keep connected, bump into things.

Some slide animations from my talk

I’ve also been developing an approach to team taxonomies in digital, data, and technology organisations, which I have written about in a new blog post and included in this week’s posts below.

Enjoy, and happy Friday.


People and Culture

Organisations and Systems

Outcomes and Objectives

Team Approaches

Other Things

NFT:WTF? on Netflix, learn about the first NFT and where it went from there. A documentary that blends fine art and tech (just like my master’s degree).