Posts from Awesome Folks #43

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Hello and happy 2023,

I hope you had a fantastic break.

I am emailing you from a new platform as Twitter has retired the one I used before, so things look a little different; let me know your thoughts. I will test it out for a bit to see how it is to use.

At this time of year, it's all too easy to make grand resolutions, both as an individual and in teams. You only have to see all the crowded gyms and running routes in January to see this in action. But you've still got all those things that past you put off in December until the New Year. Taking a more continuous improvement approach is a much more sustainable way of making all-year-round small improvements, so be kind to yourself and create small, achievable goals.

Enjoy these posts from the last week(s) and happy Friday


People and Culture

By Joost Minar @ Corporate Rebels

By Nicholas Bloom, Jose Maria Barrero, Steven Davis, Brent Meyer, and Emil Mihaylov

Organisations and Systems

By Fabian Pfortmüller

By Mia Kolmodin

By Dave Rogers at Public Digital

Setting and Measuring Goals

By Jason Yip

By Camille Fournier

By Jeff Gothelf

Tools and Approaches for Teams

By Jessica Kerr

By Maaret Pyhäjärvi

By Emmanuela Rogdaki

By Jackie Colburn

Other Things

By Tyce Clee and Shaun Bent

By Matt Edgar

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