Posts from Awesome Folks #68

A weekly round up of blog posts I've been reading


This week seems to be a saturation of short-form social media apps. Unless you have been avoiding the internet or don’t have an Instagram account, then you will have seen Threads (or is that Freds in a London accent?), Meta’s new competitor to the bird site. Along with Bluesky, Mastodon, and a few other contenders, there really are a lot of places to bump into the same people.

I’m tentatively signing up for things (usually under ewebber) but keep retreating back to the relative calm of my Instagram account - I do love taking photos.

Enjoy this week’s posts, and Happy Friday.


People and Culture

Organisations and Systems

Outcomes and Objectives

Team Approaches

Other Things

I particularly enjoyed Cat Bounce this week, which gives classic Rathergood vibes from the early 2000s.