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Hello folks,

Yesterday I got out of my house, on a local train and into Liverpool to attend a NUX Liverpool meetup. It was a struggle, and a huge part of me was saying, don’t leave this nice comfortable place to be thrown into a room with people you mostly don’t know. I did it because I knew that meeting other local people is something I have committed to doing and because socialising is good for us but is more challenging in this hybrid / working from home world. I’m glad I did; it was great. I got to make some new connections and had fun.

I also had a random coffee with someone in my Agile in the Ether community where we talked about how random coffee in their own company is always deprioritised and had a really interesting conversation about machine learning and stock control in stores.

Creating the opportunity for serendipity continues to be necessary, particularly when so many people are in distributed organisations. I wrote a post about this in early March 2020 (right before the lockdown really hit us hard), and it remains an important concept. Have a read here:

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