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Hello folks,

Another week, another conference. This week, I’ve been at Agile Cambridge, which is at Churchill College, one of my favourite set of buildings, gorgeous modernist design speckled with 50s/60s art.

I was there to co-host Agile on the Bench, to entertain the conference participants at lunchtime and even ended up doing a short last-minute fill-in talk myself (which is linked to at the end of this issue); it was a lot of fun.

Agile on the bench, with Stephen Mounsey sharing the constellation method

This year, I particularly enjoyed Tiani Jones’ talk about organisational patterns and Aino Corry’s session on teaching and learning. Different talks, but with overlapping themes of patterns and meeting people where they are.

Happy Friday, and enjoy this week’s posts


People and Culture

Organisations and Systems

Outcomes and Objectives

Team Approaches

Other Things

I revamped an old blog post to give a 10-minute talk for Agile on the Bench at Agile Cambridge; here it is.