Posts from Awesome Folks #93

A weekly round up of blog posts I've been reading

Hello folks,

It continues to be impossible to avoid posts about GenAI and the battle of return to office / hybrid working / home working. There are a few posts about hybrid working below; I imagine both topics will continue to dominate blogs for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of GenAI, there have been some chatbot fails like this one, which points to how early on we are with this technology and how mistakes are being made. I saw Paul Maltby recently compare where we are with GenAI to the days of Blockbuster making websites explaining how to buy popcorn when you rent your film, with no concept that the future is coming and it’s Netflix.

On an completely different note, ahead of an upcoming session I’m running, I have reworked this blog post Team exercise: Building empathy and understanding with the Capability Comb, take a read and let me know if you find it useful.

Happy reading and happy Friday.


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