Posts from Awesome Folks #94

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Hello folks,

I hope you’ve had a good week.

I’m very excited today as the online meet-up / community that I’ve been running since 2018, Agile in the Ether, is getting together in real life for a one-day event. It will be a day of short workshops and discussions, all in the wonderful city of Liverpool.

This week, the subject of icebreakers came up after seeing this video on TikTok, which feels all too familiar. Icebreakers should connect people to the topic (like in the 4Cs from Training from the Back of the Room) or be low-risk. I really do not enjoy two truths and a lie.

A little while back, I also wrote this blog post on the subject called Quick icebreakers for online meetings (that don't suck).

Enjoy this week’s posts, and happy Friday.


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