Posts from Awesome Folks #95

A weekly round up of blog posts I've been reading

Hello folks,

I’m sending this week’s edition early as I’m taking a break; I’ll be back to my regular schedule soon.

Last week, I mentioned that I would be spending Friday with the Agile in the Ether community. We had a brilliant time, and you can read more about what happened on my blog here: Agile in the Ether IRL 2024, a wonderful community event and the first in a series of write-ups here.

A lineup-style icebreaker at Agile in the Ether IRL to get started

In the blogosphere this week, the topic of flexible working is heating, with new flexible working measures coming into effect in the UK for the new financial year. See the government press release linked below. I’m watching with keen interest to see how this plays out.

Enjoy this week’s posts, and happy Thursday


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Other Things

With my new photography-led Instagram account, I’ve stumbled into the world of people discovering film photography for the first time. Interesting and a unique way for me to feel old! (I spent my art foundation taking and developing photos; digital just wasn’t an option.)