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Hello folks,

I’m writing this from a hotel room before a busy day of workshops.

I enjoy spending time in other places and visiting my home town (London), but travel always involves trains, which always makes me think about how terrible the user experience of train travel in the UK is. It’s hard to avoid thinking about a bad service when you are in the middle of it. Verdict: (very) expensive, late, uncomfortable, terrible wifi and overpriced cafe. But at least the charging ports worked.

This week, I also got a lovely message about the Team Onion, which included this line.

Thank you for not only creating such a great model, but also making the materials easy to understand and so accessible.

It’s always nice to hear that the things you put out there are appreciated and valuable to others. A reminder that if you do appreciate someone’s content, drop them a quick thank you; it will make their day.

Enjoy this week’s posts, and happy Friday.


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In the world of work, there is a battle over the 4-day week that could end in legislation to stop it.